Is the recession over? Hardly.

Well there has been a lot of encouraging news when it comes to the economy. January’s unemployment rate dropped for the fifth straight month to 8.3 percent. Two million jobs are projected to be created over the next twelve months. Anecdotally, I have noticed a significant uptick in hiring since the beginning of the new year in a variety of high-paying sectors and it gives me hope.¬†However, this is still not at the pace needed to restore the 8 million jobs lost to the financial crisis.

We all need to adjust to a new normal. What the new normal is, however, is a bit frightening. [Read more…]

Planning for Income Loss

Whether its expected, as in the waxing and waning of cash flow in small business, or unexpected due to job loss, having a sudden drop in income can be stressful. As if dealing with the emotional and schedule changes weren’t enough, financial pressures can drive someone to the breaking point.

As someone who has lost their job suddenly – twice – I know this better than anyone. But there are certain safeguards you can take to soften the blow. [Read more…]