Frugal Macgyver Tips: How to do what you usually do for less

So perhaps the hardest thing to do when we first lost our jobs in the same month was adjusting to sudden and significant income loss. Some people, when going frugal, ease into it. We didn’t have that choice. Adjusting to a lower income so quickly felt like a punch to the gut. Not only did I worry about meeting our household bills, I feel like all the fun had been sucked out of our lives.

But honestly, looking back, it was probably one of the best things that could have happened to us. Bills can be shrunk, and fun can certainly be had. Fun doesn’t need to cost money (why I thought it did I’ll never know). Since then, and every job loss since, we’ve adjusted our lifestyle just a bit and saved. Each time we learned new things and had new habits stick.  [Read more…]