2012: The Year of Skillbuilding

So on Tuesday we talked about being curious. Curiosity is an essential quality in life. Being successful in careers, and in life, means growing as a person and learning new things.

One of the key things to sustainability and living with less is doing it yourself. Self-reliance provides an element of certainty in uncertain times. By learning to be more self-reliant outside influences like gas and food prices have less of an impact on you – and that has been a tremendous help for us.

Sadly, Americans have forgotten basic home economics skills. According to The Center for the New American Dream in 1970, 71 percent of American men had basic home DIY project skills, compared to just 44 percent more recently. By 2030, it’s expected that only one in five men will be able to pick up DIY skills from their fathers.

So we have to take matters into our own hands and acquire new skills. These skills can make you more self-reliant, save you money and in the case of timebanking, make you a true asset.

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