Simplee Genius: An easy health care solution

Health care, no matter what insurance you have (or don’t), is complicated. More than 80% of all medical bills are wrong. The last two bills I’ve received have been incorrect. One I didn’t owe anything, another was 90% higher than it should have been. This is not unusual. For this reason I always pay my bills on time, but beyond 30 days. This gives providers time to work out their medical bill errors (most of the time anyway).

Today I came across a great tool that helps you keep track of all the piles of paperwork, bills, and coverage documents that are health care related. It’s called Simplee and it’s completely free. Those of you who are familiar with, a free personal finance management tool, will love Simplee. It’s a similar concept in that you give access to the website to your online login and it puts it in one convenient place for you.

Simplee works with most major providers nationwide and is expanding to incorporate more every day. Really cool, beyond payment tracking, is that it cross-references your plan and lets you know if you are being overcharged. It also reminds you to take advantage of covered annual services. Very neat. You can also comparison shop for procedures. You’d be surprised how much providers can vary for the same thing. I had a procedure done months ago that cost $150 one place, and $350 another. Same thing. If we, as consumers, choose less expensive places providers will eventually notice, and it could help keep health care costs down.

Check out the video below on Simplee.

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