Spend money on experiences, not things, to gain the greatest happiness.

There was a great article that recently appeared at Fast Company about challenging the status quo of traditional lifestyles, and instead focusing on your own path to happiness. Needless to say it was right up my alley.

Cali writes:

Increasingly, the stories people tell me about their work and life choices break the conventional mold:

  • A twentysomething entrepreneur starts a business while holding down another job and living on friend’s couch.  He’s trading financial insecurity today for work he feels passionate about and a distant promise of a future payoff.
  • A fortysomething father of two with a stay-at-home wife walks away from a lucrative legal career without knowing what his next step will be because he can’t tolerate the stress and relentless hours any longer.
  • A single mother of three gets laid off and decides to start a not-for-profit instead of finding another job in advertising.

Their unique journeys not only challenge the traditional wisdom about the path we “should” follow with our work and careers, but they also challenge the standard rules about money.

Work, life, and money are intertwined intimately, and yet they’re rarely addressed together. As the traditional boundaries that used to define “work” and “life” disappear, the conventional beliefs related to money must also evolve. [Read more…]