Answering a loaded question: What do you do? (nontrad careers)

In November I had the opportunity to attend Share New York conference. We broke out into groups and suddenly I found myself in a conversation revolving around the common small talk question of “What do you do?” or more so how to answer the question.

What’s so complicated about answering a simple question as “What do you do?” Well it’s tough for us who are unemployed, underemployed or not where we pictured ourselves to be in our careers or our lives. [Read more…]

Nontrad Careers: An interview with Michelle Edgemont, Wedding Stylist

There’s an interesting statistic I hear being kicked around lately – 80% of us hate our jobs. 80%! That’s a lot of people.

At first I thought it was a younger person pandemic, people in their twenties and thirties who weren’t getting what they were promised after graduating college. Many of them have felt they kept up their part of the bargain, only to fall flat due to the recession or the realities of corporate life. But the reality is that 80% incorporates everyone – the difference is those of us in our twenties and thirties are doing something about it. [Read more…]