#loveyourself Day 17: Six Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s the dead of winter here, so you are likely cooped up inside. Did you know the air in your home is more toxic than the air outside? Lots of things contribute to poor indoor air quality like heating and cooling systems, carpets, furniture, cleaning products, pets and others. So how do we remedy some of the air pollutants? [Read more...]

#loveyourself Day 15: Drink more water

Ok confession time, I do not drink enough throughout the day. Like not even close. I am just not a big water drinker – never have been.

The biggest source of extra calories in a person’s diet are sugar based beverages like soda and juice. Yes juice!¬†And though I have eliminated sugary drinks from my diet, I haven’t replaced them, so I am probably pretty dehydrated all the time. It’s terrible, and I know it. So I’m going to try to change that. [Read more...]