Disney on the Cheap: Tips and Tricks to Keeping Costs Down

This is a third post in a series about Disney parks.

So we’ve talked about saving for Disney, and a lot of activities outside the parks that can keep you busy, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty – comparing the travel, room and board options.

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Getting There: Flying vs. Driving

The age old question – flying versus driving. If you live on the East coast this is always the great debate. I’ve done both.

Driving, even with gas money and an overnight stay, is often cheaper than flying, but if you live in the Northeast you are losing a day, possibly two days, to travel on each end of your trip. That was one very long car ride with my sister in the back seat, and exhausted parents upon arrival.

I’ve also flown. In fact, my first time on a plane when I was four years old was to go to Disney World. I can still remember the seeing clouds and wonderment I felt being in that plane. [Read more...]

Disney on the Cheap: More than just the parks

This is the second in a series of Disney posts.

Mickey Mouse head and ears2 Disney on the Cheap: More than just the parks

So I mentioned earlier that I have been to Disney four times before, and have a fifth trip coming up. This next trip I am trying to do as frugally as possible. That means we are only going to do one park – Magic Kingdom – one day. That’s it. That leaves me the entire rest of the week to figure out what to do with my husband and my two year old.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised but I am learning there is TONS to do on the Disney properties without setting foot in the parks. I am sure many of you have easily overlooked these things, like I have, because going to the parks has been enough Disney for anyone on any given trip – there was no need to look elsewhere. Like I said, this trip is different. So here are just a few things we plan on doing, many of them are cheap or free.

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