#loveyourself Day 20: No ‘Poo solution using…Honey?

So I have been looking for a more ecofriendly hair solution for quite some time. I am a little obsessed with my hair (I have NEVER dyed it – not once). I have been blessed with healthy hair, and a healthy scalp. I want only the best for it. Since I am growing it out again, hair care has become a priority.

I had heard about the no shampoo (or no ‘poo) movement. Usually it means ditching traditional hair products for using a simple baking soda wash for shampoo, and apple cider vinegar for a rinse. [Read more...]

#JanuaryRefresh Day 30: Fight the flu

I feel like just about everyone I know is affected, or has been recently affected by the flu, so today we’re going to take a time out from organizing and focus on staying healthy. Fighting the flu isn’t an easy task because it is a virus. Therefore it is up to your body to fight it, and less about medication. So what are some of the best ways to fight the flu?

[Read more...]