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After being on the recession roller coaster for two four years, I decided to get off and forge new paths. What I have found is a better way. That living with less, actually means living with more.

Join me on a path to happiness. Let’s trade consumerism for community, excess for enough.

My husband and I are building our lives in Christmas City USA – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We’re a cliche millenial couple raising our baby daughter in the most uncertain times in recent memory. We have a two cats – Dilly and Koshka – who provide never ending amusement. I love trying things, meeting people and expanding my horizons especially through food and travel.


The mantra of A simply good life.

Due to the recession and increasingly scarce resources, traditional means of productive potential, such as careers, housing and modes of transportation, are not available. Therefore, we need to wage new paths outside those of traditional realms. We have an opportunity as individuals, and collective society, to create new forms of a sustainable economy and social organization based on self-reliance and mutual support. Innovation, as they say, moves at the speed of necessity.

In the midst of a crumbling economy, there is a “quiet revolution” of sorts comprised of people building economic alternatives grounded in principles of social solidarity, cooperation, sustainability and economic democracy. Moved by circumstance, practicality, or values, many have turned their energy to building economic alternatives to provide jobs, food, housing, services, and money, as well as to create healthier communities, sustainable practices and economic democracy. Collectively, these efforts create a new way of organizing our economy that is being called the solidarity economy – a new way to live.
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