What’s Bloomin': April 30, 2012

So after posing the question online it seems like you folks would be interested in what’s blooming in my yard. One thing I struggle with still is looking at things in neighbor’s yards, thinking to myself “What is that?” and attempting to describe it to the nursery staff unsuccessfully. Having a plant’s name really helps.

I’ve already missed the very early spring things – crocus and snowdrops. Next were the daffodils and tulips. Now we’re in a third phase. More diverse selection of things that’s for sure.

I have a lot of shade in my yard – we have nearly a dozen trees on our quarter acre property – so sometimes plant shopping can be frustrating. Over the past few years I’ve learned to adapt to flowering plants that like partial or full shade. All is not lost if you have a shady yard!

We do have a few sunny spots too, so I’ll be posting a variety of plants.

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Beginners Gardening: Overcoming Obstacles to Get Started

My husband and I moved into our home more than four years ago. I went from an apartment balcony to an entire yard. The first year the yard was mostly ignored, in order to focus on more pressing matters inside the house. The second year, however, we invested in nice patio furniture and we found ourselves spending more and more time outside.

Thus, I turned my attention to beautifying our yard and I haven’t stopped since. (Admittedly last year was a bit of a loss since we were not home enough to maintain it with six weddings to attend.) As someone who grew up in a home with an avid gardener (it’s one of my mother’s favorite past times) I had big shoes to fill. I was apprehensive and overwhelmed.

As someone who has transitioned from complete novice gardener to somewhat experienced one, I encountered several stumbling blocks. Here are a few, and how to overcome them.  [Read more…]