Let’s make room for the good stuff.

Now that the holidays are past – it’s time for a fresh start and settling in. That means editing. Editing stuff and things out of your life. Things that you no longer want or need.

Graham Hill talks about how less can be more in this TED talk.

He talks about ways to live more with less by utilizing three rules:

1. Edit ruthlessly

2. Think small.

3. Make multifunctional.

That’s all fine and good you say, but how?

There are efficient ways to sort through and pare down your belongings, beyond the obvious like that infamous box of stuff you never opened after you moved mentioned in the video.

First, you need to identify your excess stuff. Zenhabits calls this “clutterfat.” (Learn more about their clutterfat challenge). It helps to categorize the items you’re sorting through so you can concentrate on each separately. Common categories include books, clothing, and electronics. Get more specific for things like your hobbies or collections. If there’s something you notice taking up a lot of space, it needs to be a category on your list.

With each category, sort every item into one of three piles: the stuff you’re going to keep, the stuff you’re going to get rid of, and the stuff you’re not sure about. Be ruthless.

When you’re done with this first sort, go through the pile of items you’re not sure about and try to get rid of half of it. Find similar items and pick the one you like the best, get rid of the rest.

Now put all the items you’re sure you want to keep back where they belong. Admire all that space you made! The stuff that you still aren’t sure about put in a box or a bag and keep it somewhere out of sight for 30 days (not with your stuff you’re keeping). Chances are you won’t even miss it and after a month will be ready to let those things go too. I’ve done this a lot with clothing to much success.

Repeating this process every month or two.  Down the road will be easier as you see the benefits of having less stuff and more space.

Repeating the process also helps us focus on what’s important, and that’s something we can all use more of.

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