Dining in Disney: How To Eat for $20 a Day (or Less)

Waffle Sandwich
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Although I’m all about saving money at Disney World, you can’t skip the wonderful Disney food altogether. It’s awesome and should be a budgeted part of your experience.

Disney DOES allow outside food in a soft-sided cooler. I would utilize this a few ways. First of all breakfast. Breakfast is important that you need it to fuel your very busy day, but the parks are best early in the day, so I wouldn’t waste my time sitting and eating. Pack fruit, granola bars, baked goods and other sundries that are good on the go and eat on the bus to your destination for the day. It’s also a great place to pack cold beverages and snacks.

If you want to pack lunch, and didn’t bring food or order from Garden Grocer, you can purchase two slices of bread at most food courts for $1.40. Peanut butter is .50, and often free (as a condiment), as is jelly. Super cheap way to get fueled up mid-day.

But even if you don’t pack any food, you can still eat at Disney on a budget by utilizing a few tactics and making smart (and tasty) choices. [Read more…]

Dining at Disney: Is the Disney Dining Plan for Me?

Magic Kingdom Wishes

For anyone staying on property at the Walt Disney World Resort, it’s the million dollar question, “Is the dining plan right for me?” Although much debate has gone on about it, and it is personal preference, I would in general say “No.”

The idea of a prepaid plan is appealing. It provides an all-inclusive feel to your vacation, and who doesn’t love that? I would argue, the convenience of the plan ends there. [Read more…]